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Please Show your Support for Artist Darris Robins:

Peace, I have just released my conscious album and I'm looking to build a strong lasting relationship with some promoters and build a line of artist's to feed the community, the youth that real shit not the bull shit. Here are a few links to my music and my website: 

Please show your support for Artist/Photographer/Videographer Trevaughn Bynum:

Support Nubian Woman Trevaughn Bynum by visiting her website where all can check out her artworks,paintings,drawings and much more,so spread the word. In the process,check out her Prodcutions Company,which is Level 6 Productions and here's one of her photos displayed below this description:

 "The POWER of Change: Quotes For Your Everyday Life" by Byron Bowen available for Purchase in Paperback or Ebook format on,which the links are located below as well as the description,so please support the Brotha on his project & always do what you do:

This collection of original quotations, is a helping-hand to living in the NOW. It puts you at the center-stage of your life and asks the question, 'Who Are You?'

What's up everyone,please click on the following track done by Brooklyn's own Gerald "Omni Blaze" Trotman and vote on it so that we can hear it play all over the Barclays Center in Brooklyn,NY next season. Tell a friend to tell a friend,spread the word and let's do what we each do to ensure the song will be on and rocking: