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Monday, May 14, 2012

The "M.Body" update

What's up everyone,it's Associate Producer Tyrell L. Muir fpr Ronald Haynie's "M.Body" and we've done 2 showings in 2011: Oct 21st-23rd @ The Producers Club NYC & Nov. 18th-20th @ The Ujaama Black Theater (inside the Times Square Arts Center) where we're making moves in every sector to bring this show out for Marcus Garvey Birthstrong Week August 2012,so continue to stay tuned for all the developing updates surrounding Ronald Haynie's "M.Body" here on Smooth Productions & on the "M.Body" Facebook page. 
Please keep on spreading the word & let's keep on growing with love,teaching on the lessons of life and support as we work on...Always be yourself by taking care of yourself!!!!