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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

S.W.A.P It Out!!! Session II @ The Street Poets Den Feb 10th,2012

S.W.A.P is a life skills program

Our mission here is to take our sisters and sons who are having difficulty navigating and coping with the adversities they're facing in life become a S.W.A.P!(Sister/Son.With.A.Purpose!) 

We believe that before you can succeed you must know what it is you're to be succeeding at A.K.A your PURPOSE!

Our discussions will be on life skills, education, politics, parenting, love, loss, & spirituality & more... There is a different topic every session!

The mission for S.W.A.P is to help our sisters and sons find and use their L.I.P.S(Life.Improvement.Plan.for Success) because we believe and know that the words of our mouths shall manifest in our lives. So we'll speak positivity and possibility into existance!!!

PLEASE COME WITH A OPEN MIND, HEART, AND MOUTH! We can't have a discussion if no ones talking!If you had a bad week full of the worlds negatives? WELL Be prepared to S.W.A.P IT OUT for POSITIVITY AND POSSIBILITY!!!

There will be a light snack and FREE DRINKS for our 21+ guests so if your mouth gets loose during our disscussion you can blame it on the goose!! ;o)


Friday,February 10th,2012
The Street Poets Den
559 Macon Street (corner of Malcolm X Blvd.)
Free Admission
Light Snacks and Drinks are Available
A,C to Utica Ave./Fulton St. then walk 5 blocks on Malcolm X Blvd. to Macon St. 
B25 to Fulton St. & Malcolm X Blvd. then walk 5 blocks to Macon St. or transfer to the B46 
B46 Local/Limited to Malcolm X Blvd. & Halsey St
B26 to Halsey St. & Malcolm X. Blvd